Projects by Priority

Priority 1-60

1. Roadway Repaving Group 1

2. Roadway Repaving Group 2

3. Roadway Repaving Group 3

4. Intersection of Fish Hatchery Road and Pine Ridge Drive

5. Meeting Street Corridor Improvements

6. Hope Ferry and US Highway 378 Intersection Improvements

7. Roadway Repaving Group 4

8. Mineral Springs Connector

9. Roadway Repaving Group 5

10. Intersection of US Highway 321 and Mack Street

11. Fish Hatchery Road

12. Roadway Repaving Group 6

13. SC Highway 60 and Carlisle Street Traffic Signal and Road Improvements

14. US Highway 378 and Henbet Road Intersection Improvements

15. Roadway Repaving Group 7

16. US Highway 378 Signalization Improvements

17. Roadway Repaving Group 8

18. South Lake Drive (SC 6) at I-20 Adaptive Signals

19. Intersection Improvements Barr Road and Rawl Road

20. Church Street Resurfacing and Paving

21. Intersection Improvements

22. Longs Pond Road Corridor Widening

23. Gibson Road Parkway

24. Columbia Avenue Intersection Redesign

25. Mill Village Area Transportation and Utility Improvements

26. Roadway Widening and Corridor Improvements

27. Corley Mill Bypass

28. Ginny Lane and Woodside Road Connector

29. US Highway 76 and Sid Bickley Road Intersection Improvements

30. South Lake Drive (SC 6) at Railroad Avenue Intersection Improvements

31. Town of Batesburg Leesville

32. SC Highway 6 and Meadowfield Road Traffic Circle

33. The Avenues Resurfacing and Drainage

34. Old Cherokee Road and Old Chapin Road Intersection Improvements

35. Platt Springs Road and Enterprise Parkway Traffic Signal

36. St Andrews Road and Thames Valley Intersection

37. Kitti Wake Drive and Emanuel Church Road Traffic Circle

38. Old Barnwell Road and Shirway Road

39. Fish Hatchery Road and Bachman Road

40. Nursery Road and Nursery Hill Road Traffic Signal

41. SC Highway 302 and Princeton Road Traffic Signal

42. Old Barnwell Road and Ermine Road Traffic Circle

43. East Main Street (US Highway 1) Lane Improvements

44. Leaphart Road/Holland Avenue Intersection Improvements

45. Archers Lane Corridor Improvements

46. West Main Street (US 1) Corridor Improvements

47. Fairview Road and Two Notch Road

48. Blackville Road and Fallaw Road Traffic Circle

49. Boiling Springs Road and Bethany Church Road Traffic Circle

50. US Highway 378 at Park Place Trail Intersection Improvements

51. US Highway 378 and Coventry Drive Intersection Improvements

52. Bush River Road Corridor Improvements

53. Nazareth Road and Cannon Trail Road Traffic Circle

54. Ramblin Road Corridor Improvements

55. Emory Lane Corridor Improvements

56. SC Highway 302 and I-26 Interchange Infrastructure Improvements

57. Rem Court Paving

58. City of Cayce Avenues Stormwater Improvements

59. Isiah Hall Road Paving

60. Batchelor Street and North Brown Resurfacing

Priority 61-120

61. Augusta Road and Dreher Road, August Road and Wade Street, and Augusta Road and 2401 August Road Mast Arm Improvements

62. Northside Boulevard and Ginny Lane Traffic Signal

63. Crossbow Drive

64. West Main Street (US Highway 1) and Gibson Road

65. Holmes/Brown/Alley Street Paving and Resurfacing

66. Hallman Street Corridor Improvements

67. Hall Street Repaving

68. Mowers Street and Lake Murray Boulevard

69. College Street Resurfacing

70. Roadway Repaving Group 2

71. Town of Swansea

72. Hope Ferry and Midway Road Intersection Improvements

73. 9th Street Pedestrian Safety Improvements

74. Lexington Avenue

75. Mosley Avenue

76. Barr Road and Wildlife Road Intersection Improvements

77. Bachman Road and Fish Hatchery Road

78. Old Chapin Road and Maxie Road Intersection Improvements

79. Semm Sease Road Resurfacing

80. Kleckley Drive Paving and Drainage

81. Barr Road and Hendrix Street Intersection Improvements

82. Hummingbird Drive Paving and Drainage

83. Gibbs Street Resurfacing

84. Pilgrim Church Road and Settlers Trail Intersection Improvements

85. US Highway 321 Drainage Study

86. Reed Avenue and Old Chapin Road Intersection Improvements

87. Henbet Drive and US Highway 378 Intersection Improvements

88. Cardinal Drive Resurfacing and Drainage Improvements

89. Town of Batesburg Leesville

90. Gibbs Street Extension

91. Columbia Avenue Corridor Improvements

92. Hollyberry Drive, Alpine Drive, and Klapman Road Resurfacing

93. Arehart Street Drainage and Resurfacing

94. Mallard Trace and Arborgate Resurfacing

95. Oriole Lane Resurfacing

96. Town of Swansea Road Priority 2

97. Parker Street and Swartz Road Intersection Improvements

98. County Bridge Repairs

99. Snelgrove Road Corridor Improvements

100. Dreher Road Drainage Improvements

101. Town of Batesburg Leesville

102. Perry Street Resurfacing

103. Archers Lane Bridge #1

104. Archers Lane Bridge #2

105. County of Lexington Dirt to Pave Package 1

106. Augusta Road and Chris Drive Drainage Improvements

107. Goldstone Drive Bridge

108. Town of Swansea Road Priority 4

109. Snelgrove Road Improvements 2

110. County of Lexington Dirt to Pave Package 2

111. 12th Street Extension-Phase III

112. Town of Swansea Road Priority 3

113. County of Lexington Dirt to Pave Package 3

114. Black Avenue Drainage and Roadway

115. County of Lexington Dirt to Pave Package 4

116. County of Lexington Dirt to Pave Package 5

117. County of Lexington Dirt to Pave Package 6

118. County of Lexington Dirt to Pave Package 7

119. County of Lexington Dirt to Pave Package 8

120. County of Lexington Dirt to Pave Package 9